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House Painters Near Me? This is this a question you might be asking? Well then, you have found us!

We are licensed and insured Orange County house painters, we serve all of Orange County homeowners. If you want your house painted, then you are making the RIGHT decision. Painting your home not only makes it look fresh and updated by giving it a completely new look, it also protects it from the weather and elements, as well as protects if from dangerous termites that can chew up your home from the inside out.

At House Painters Orange County, we guarantee that you will receive quality service and clear trustworthy communication on your next residential painting project.

Why Choose Our House Painting Near Me Services?

Painting looks so easy when you watch someone doing it. What you fail to notice is that these people are expert painters. Seeking professional house painting services from a reliable and reputable contractor ensures that the job will be finished on time or ahead of schedule. Our team is made up of trusted and professional painters who can come to your house and do the painting job in no time at all. The only thing you’ll be required to do is to visit our website and look for all the services that we offer. With our expertise, your treasured house, regardless of how old it might be, will look new and extremely beautiful. Again.., if you are searching for House Painters Near Me in Tustin… then you have found the right painting contractor. Call us today for a fast and free estimate.

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termite-damageProtect your home from termites 
Did you know that exposed, bare wood is the number one way that termites enter your home? Believe it or not, termites don’t “eat” wood. They CHEW the wood searching for water. If you have peeling or flaking paint on your house, then the moist, bare, exposed wood is how these tiny pest will get in and chew your house apart. The number one way to protect you house is with a fresh, clean coat of new paint. We will also fix and repair any damaged wood!

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House Painters Near Me Tustin

Exterior House Painting
Since we opened in 2007, we have worked with hundreds of customers throughout Orange County. Many times we start by painting their homes and end up moving onto their business related painting projects or vice versa. Our house painting services are offered throughout Orange County. From Irvine to Yorba Linda and from Dana Point to Huntington Beach, we have your house painting needs covered.


Interior House Painting
No matter what room you want painted, whether a kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, living area, or you whole home we can make your interior spaces look brand new again. We are great at matching designer layouts, furniture, window treatments, anything you need it is our pleasure as your painting contractor to bring your home to life. A quality interior painting project starts with the preparation.  From repairing any cracks or holes, to the covering of your furniture and personal belongings, Your interior paint job is only going to look great for years to come if the preparation is done correctly. We strive to provide the highest quality painting service using top quality paints leaving you not only happy with your project, but with added value to your home.

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